Research Achievements

The major achievements in Animal Science Research are :

  • Exploited Embryo Transfer Technique in Ongole cattle.
  • Conservation and upgrading of Punganur cattle is being carried out through biotechnological approaches.
  • Developed 100 combinations of low cost Livestock and Fish rations using agro by products.
  • Developed ILR 90 Jubilee high feed conversion efficient layer strain of poultry.
  • A dual purpose colour bird named (RAJASRI) good for meat and eggs suitable for rearing as backyard poultry was developed.
  • Evolved two synthetic broiler rabbit breeds, APAU Fawn and APAU black.
  • Technology for environment friendly disposal of Poultry droppings for biogas and bio manure developed.
  • Vaccine on Bluetongue (BTV-2 Sero type) disease affecting sheep was developed for field use.
  • APBN 1 high yielding succulent and perennial fodder variety was developed and released.
  • The marine crab and sea bass culture as an alternative species to Tiger Prawn developed.
  • Promoted commercial prawn culture as an alternate to Shrimp culture.
  • Standardized the technology for fish seed production : 1. Magur (clarious batracus) 2.Channa Striatus (murrel) seed developed and supplied to small and marginal farmers.