Veterinary Hospital, Visakhapatnam

Officer in charge Dr. K. Basava Reddy Phone
: +91 0891 - 2706679
: +91 0891 - 2706679
: drbasava2k12[at]gmail[dot]com

The Veterinary Hospital, Visakhapatnam was established in the year 1910 with a main objective of providing quality Veterinary Medical Services for small & large animals and other companion animals in the city and surroundings. It was under Animal Husbandry Department until 31-03-2009 and later it was transferred to the S.V.Veterinary University along with buildings & equipment. The hospital is located in the heart of the city. On an average about 120 small and 5-10 large animals are being treated daily without any registration charges.

The Hospital has specialty facilities viz., Medicine, Surgery and Gynecology & obstetrics units for both large and small animals. Apart from small and large animal operation theatres the hospital also equipped with X-ray unit, Dermatology and Gastrointestinal wards.

Hospital Timings:

  • Monday - Saturday 8.00 AM - 5.00 P.M
  • Sunday and all Government holidays 8.00 AM to 12.00 PM
  • For emergency cases 24 hrs service available.

Salient features:

  • The Veterinary Hospital renders Veterinary aid to both small and large animals.
  • To impart practical clinical exposure to the Veterinary graduates during their internship programme.
  • To conduct prophylactic vaccination and all the pets for protection against various infectious diseases.
  • To treat the emergency cases and referral cases from various veterinary Dispensaries in and around the city.
  • To conduct minor and major operations in both small and large animals.


    The following buildings are available at present.

  • 1) One out-patient ward for animal registration and treatment.
  • 2) One x-ray building with x-ray plant installed for small animals.
  • 3) Two operation theatres for both small animal and large animals.
  • 4) Three rooms for the Doctors, one room for the Veterinary Assistant and one more room for Office purpose.

Faculty in Veterinary Hospital, Visakhapatnam.

Sl. No.
Name of the Scientis
Mobile No.
E.mail. ID
1 Dr.K.Basava Reddy,Asst. Professor Veterinary Medicine 7416880818 drbasava2k12[at]gmail[dot]com
2 Dr.K.Lavanya,Asst.Professor Veterinary Surgery & Radiology 9492234859 lavanya[dot]killi1[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Dr.N.Karunakara Rao, Asst. Director (AH) Veterinary Gynaecology & obstetrics 8106487756 karunakarnetheti[at]gmail[dot]com

Address for Correspondence

Veterinary Hospital,
Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University,
Telephone : 0891 - 2706679
Fax : 0863 - 2524200
e-mail : drbasava2k12[at]gmail[dot]com