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Department of Veterinary Pathology, College of Veterinary science, Tirupati was established in the year 1956 by the Eminent Veterinary Pathologist Dr.Ganti.A Sastry, who received first Doctorate, of Veterinary Pathology in India.

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Veterinary Pathology Museum : Department of Veterinary Pathology.

Dr.N.R Gopal Naidu, Retd.Professor & Head of the Department was the founder and man behind the development of the museum. His initiation and inspiration made the successive faculty to strive for carving it into one of the best Indian Veterinary Pathology Museum.

Since inception of the Pathology Department, good number of specimens regarding different pathological conditions of different species of animals and poultry including cancer cases were collected. The Department museum is having more than 1000 specimens, recently rare specimens regarding wild or Zoo animals diseases and Emu diseases are being added to the museum. It was well appreciated by different University peoples and institutions during their visit. Good number of people from different universities, Colleges, and Schools are utilizing the museum facility for student exposure.

Different specimens include congenital anomalies (thyroid hyperplasia, Double spleen, congenital polycystic kidney, Polydactyla) ;
The specimens were neatly mounted in jars and kept in well organized manner. A good collection of diversified nature of cancer specimen of different species of animals (melanoma, horn cancer, adenocarcinoma in lion, lymphosarcoma in lion) including poultry and Wild animals were displayed.
One of the interesting thing about our museum is, there is a good number of pictures depicting history of medicine and eminent veterinarians throughout the world. This is drawing the attention of the visitors.
The Museum is providing impact in Veterinary education and in allied sciences and creating awareness about different possible pathological conditions for different animal Husbandry people.

various systemic disturbances ( TRP heart, atropic rhinitis, hyper trophy of left ventricle, suppurative nephritis, abomasal ulcers etc);Specimens of different specific diseases conditions (FMD, Jhones Disease, Swine fever, Jaagsiekte etc), Parasitic diseases (Fascioliasis, Amphistomiasis, Schistosomiasis, Spirocerca lupi, Round worms, Tape worm infections, Bladder worms) ;Different pathological conditions (Hair balls, Enteroliths, Phytobezors, Gall stones, Urinary caliculi); Poultry diseases (RD, MD, LL, IBD, spirochaetosis, osteopetrosis, ALC etc).