# Name of the Project Location Objectives
1 Rejuvenation and genetic improvement of Ongole breed - Pride of A.P. through participatory approach using biotechnological innovations LRS, Lam Farm, Guntur LRS, Mahanandi
  • To identify superior Ongole bulls and cows with high production potential.
  • To induct the superior germ psalm so identified into nucleus herd.
  • To collect and supply the semen and embryos from elite animals.
2 Region specific and farmer centric genetic improvement programme in sheep L.R.S., Mahabubnagar, Garividi, Palamaner & Siddaramapuram
  • To carry out genetic improvement using elite farmers flock as multiplication centers.
  • To produce large number of superior ram lambs for distribution among farmers.
  • To use progressive farmers flocks as technology demonstration units.
3 Establishment of State Level Diagnostic Laboratory Microbiology, C.V.Sc, Tirupati and Ruska Lab, Rnagar, Hyderabad
  • Establishment of state level laboratory for diagnosis of different animal diseases to cater the needs of the farmers.
  • Creation of Molecular diagnostic facilities for early and accurate disease diagnosis.
  • Establishment of seromonitoring center for analysis of vaccination programmes.
4 Promotion of backyard Poultry by using RAJASRI variety as livelihood and nutritional security options among BPL families AICRP on Poultry Breeding, Rnagar, Hyderabad
  • Popularization of backyard poultry as sustainable livelihood enterprise
  • Establishment of hatchery cum grower center for ensuring continuous supply of Rajasri grower birds
  • To promote input and output market linkages for rural poultry.
5 Development of equipment for chilling milk using non-conventional energy sources College of Dairy Technology, Tirupati
  • To develop a village level milk chilling equipment using non-conventional energy.
  • To simplify operation to the extent that semi skilled worker should be able to operate.
  • The possibility of retrofitting the existing milk chilling units running on electricity will be examined.
6 Technological interventions for improving quality of feed for economical milk and meat production. Animal Nutrition,CVSc, Tirupati, R,nagar, Gannavaram and Proddatur
  • Application of processing technologies for livestock and poultry feeds.
  • To develop quality assurance methods for feedstuffs and finished feeds.
  • To workout cost economics of produce.
7 Survey on prevalence of important fish diseases and development of best management practices (BMPS) for their control and prevention Fisheries Research Station, Kakinada, Palair, Undi & CFSc, Muthukkur
  • To survey the important fish culture areas of the state, for recording the prevalence of the diseases associated economical losses.
  • To identify the major management practices that are contributing for disease occurrence.
  • To identify diseases area wise, season wise, species wise and size wise.
  • To evaluate economic impact particular disease and find the etiological agent.
  • To evolve a package of best management practices to prevent or control the disease.
8 Establishment of Jersey x Sahiwal bull mother farm C.V.Sc, Tirupati LRS, Palamaner
  • To establish the bull mother farm of proven germ psalm of Jersey x Sahiwal crossbred animals.
  • To test the adoptability and productive performance and to supply the proven germ psalm through distribution of young breeding bulls and semen.
  • Distribution of excess female stock to the needy people through government agencies
9 Establishment of a pig unit for supply of elite germ psalm to the farmers AICRP on Pigs, Tirupati
  • Procured 43 pigs (38 females and 5 males)
  • Bred 6 sows and inducted 129 pigs of AICRP in to RKVY
  • So far about 270 quality piglets were supplied to the farmers
  • This year piglets shall be supplied to farmers soon after furrowing and weaning of the piglets born.
  • Piglets are having an average litter size of 7.3 with an average birth weight of 1.6kg
10 Inland aquaculture sustainability - profitability for socioeconomic growth with appropriate location specific alternate native fish species to Indian major carps. Fisheries Research Station, Palair,Kakinada, Undi CFSc, Muthukur
  • To identify the most preferred freshwater fish species.
  • To shortlist the new candidate species suitable either for poly culture with carps or for integration with other agri-veterinary activities
  • To improve the existing breeding technology of the short listed fish species
  • To standardize the package of pond culture practices.
11 Cytogenetic and molecular characterization of livestock breeds of A.P C.VSc, Rajendranagar & Tirupati A. CYTOGENETICCHARACTERIZATION :
  • To karyotype and catalogue various indigenous livestock breeds of Andhra Pradesh
  • To Cytogenetically screen all the males and prospective sires used in various breeding programmes
  • To study the association between chromosome anomalies and reproductive disorders in the farm animals.
  • Molecular genetic characterization of livestock breeds of Andhra Pradesh using various microsatellite markers
  • To identify the breed specific molecular markers, if any
  • To study the phylogenetic relationships between various livestock breeds of Andhra Pradesh.
12 Genetic improvement in buffaloes using open nucleus breeding system in collaboration with progressive buffalo farmers. Buffalo Research Station, Venkataramanna gudem LRS, Mamnoor
  • To Strengthening the existing Buffalo Research Station as a bull mother farm
  • Large scale production of semen and embryos from progeny tested bulls.
  • Use of Multiple ovulation and embryo transfer technology (MOET) coupled with Open Nucleus Breeding System for production of superior bull mothers & bulls.
13 Technology transfer and dissemination initiatives for livestock development through establishment of educational multimedia resource centre (e2mrc) C.VSc, Hyderabad, Gannavaram, Tirupati and Proddatur
  • To produce need based educational programmes (both for farmers and students).
  • To disseminate educational programmes through non-broadcast or non-telecast modes.
  • To study and promote the effectiveness of multimedia based educational programmes in reducing the knowledge gap among the farmers.
14 Development of gas operated cold storages for preservation of animal and fish products. College of Dairy Technology, Tirupati and CFSc, Muthukur
  • To develop a cold store by using natural gas / bio-gas for keeping the meat & fish at temperatures below -18oC with lower operational costs.
  • Operation of the above cold store using adsorption refrigeration principle.
  • Exploring the possibility of using Activated Charcoal and suitable refrigerant combination.