Veterinary Extension


Veterinary and A.H. Extension

The Department of Veterinary & A.H. Extension has been functioning since the inception of the college i.e. 18-03-1998. The department has one Audio – Visual lab, Group discussion hall and seminar hall, all enriched with sophisticated equipment. The department is maintaining an Information Center developed for the benefit of the farmers with a variety of information aids, technical bulletins, pamphlets, leaflets and other visual developed in various disciplines -of the college.

It is also equipped with Information Kiosk, an interactive system for farmers and students. Department is actively involved in academic activities, offering UG courses along with on-farm field training to students and guiding M.V.Sc., students and extension activities, such as coordinating college activities like activities at adopted village, special NSS camps, Zoonoses day, World Veterinary Day etc., organization of Rytu Avagahana Sadasu and Rytu Chitanya Yatras, arranging broadcasting of recommended seasonal animal husbandry practices with the college expertise through AIR, Vijayawada and printing of extension information material in vernacular language for end users.

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Dr. B. Subrahmanyesari M. V. Sc., Ph. D Professor and Head

Contact info +91 9490607881 subramext[at]gmail[dot]com

Specialization Veterinary & A.H.Extension Education

Dr. Sunitha Prasad M. V. Sc Assistant Professor

Contact info +91 9676635936 dr[dot]sunithavet[at]gmail[dot]com

Dr.Pisini Ramesh M.V. Sc Assistant Professor (Contractual)

Contact info 7337379420