Controller of Examination

Areas of Interest : Animal Nutrition

Educational qualifications

Course Year Place %
B.V.Sc & AH 1986 APAU, Hyderabad 72 %
MVSc (Animal Nutrition) 1988 APAU, Hyderabad 82 %
PhD (Animal Nutrition) 1991 ANGRAU, Hyderabad 85 %
PGDBM (Animal Sciences) 1997 TANUVAS, Chennai 75 %
Prabodh 1997 Ministry of Home Affaris 71 %
Pragya 1998 Ministry of Home Affaris 70 %
Praveen 2004 Ministry of Home Affaris 75 %


Employment (25 Years of service)

Designation Place Period
Scientist (Animal Nutrition) NAARM, Hyderabad 03-12-1991 to 02-05-1992
Scientist (Animal Nutrition) IVRI, Izatnagar, Bareilly 05-05-1992 to 12-11-1992
Scientist (Animal Nutrition) CIBA, Chennai 16-11-1992 to 31-03-1997
Scientist (Senior Scale) (Animal Nutrition) NIANP, Bangalore 01-04-1997 to 02-12-2000
Senior Scientist (Animal Nutrition) NIANP, Bangalore 03-12-2000 to 23-11-2001
Associate Professor (Animal Nutrition) CVSc., SVVU, Tirupati 24-11-2001 to 22-08-2007
Professor (Anima Nutrition) CVSc., SVVU, Tirupati 23-08-2007 to 30-06-2010
Professor and Head (Animal Nutrition) CVSc., SVVU, Tirupati 01-07-2010 to 20-07-2016
Associate Dean NTR CVSc, Gannavaram 21-07-2016 to 15-10-2016
Controller of Examinations SVVU, Tiruapti 16-10-2016 to till to date


Nature of work Period Experience
Teaching 2001 to 2016 15 years of service
Research 1991 to 2016 25 years of service
Extension 1991 to 2016 25 years of service
Management 2006 to 2016 10 years of service


Awards and Fellowships

Awards Counsil Year
ICAR Team Research Award ICAR 1999-2000
Best paper award (Indian Journal of Dairy Science) IDA 2001 & 2005
Fellow of National Academy of Veterinary Sciences NAVS 2006
Dr. V.K.Narayana Khedhkar Award IAAVR 2010
Fellow of Animal Nutrition Association ANA 2010
Fellow of Society for Applied biotechnology SAB 2011
Best Educationist Award IIEM 2011
Krishna District Veterinary Association –Best teacher award KVA 2013
CLFMA award CLFMA 2016


Membership of professional societies

Professional societies Year
Life member of Animal Nutrition Society of India 1986
Life member of Animal Nutrition Association of India 1998
Life member of Veterinary Council of India 1994
Life member of Andhra Pradesh Veterinary Council of India 1995
Life member of ISSGPU, Avikanagar 2004
Life member of Indian Science Congress 2006
Life member of Indian Society for buffalo development 2006
Life member of IAAVR, Bareilly, UP 2006
Life member of National Academy of Vety. Nutri & Health 2011
Life member of Society for Applied biotechnology 2011


Projects Handled

Place No Of Projects
CIBA, Chennai Co-PI – 6 projects
NIANP, Bangalore Co-PI – 3 projects
C.V.Sc., Tirupati Co-PI – 2 projects
C.V.Sc., Tirupati PI – 3 projects


Students Guided

Course No Of Students
MVSc 10 students as major 10 students as minor
PhD 2 students as major 6 students as minor


Research publications

Articles Count Articles Count
Research articles 60 Review articles 5
Book chapters 5 Popular articles 5
Bulletins 2 Training manuals 5
Lead papers 10 Pamphlets 5



  • Region specific Mineral mixture for rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh


Commercialization of technologies

  • Commercialization of Indigenous Shrimp Feed Technology developed by CIBA, Chennai in India
  • Commercialization of area specific mineral mixture developed at NIANP, Bangalore in India


Research achievements

  • Developed indigenous technology for shrimp feed preparation in India
  • Developed micro-particulate feeds for shrimp larvae and maturation feeds for breeding P.monodon
  • Region specific mineral mixtures for different agro-climatic zones of Karnataka
  • Evaluated different agro-industrial, agricultural crop residues & unconventional protein supplements
  • Region specific mineral mixture for Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh
  • Evaluated many commercial mineral mixtures, organic and inorganic mineral supplements.
  • Evaluated many commercial enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics and herbal residues.


Contribution to professional associations/bodies

  • Vice-president (south zone) Animal Nutrition Society of India (2012-2014) and (2014-16)
  • Vice-president (south zone) Animal Nutrition Association (2016-2018)
  • Member of Editorial board of Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition
  • Member of Editorial Board of Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology
  • Member of Editorial Board of Cheiron
  • Chief executive member of Animal Nutrition Society of India (2006-2008), (2008-2010 and (2016-2018)
  • Chief executive member of Animal Nutrition Association (2008-2010)
  • Chief executive member of Indian Society for sheep & Goat Production and utilization (2008-10) & (2010-12)
  • Member of Editorial board of Tamil Nadu Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.
  • Member of editorial Board of Red flower publication and small Ruminant Research.


Laboratory Manuals prepared:

  • Methods of feed evaluation, Application of computers in animal feeding and management for rural youth.
  • Basics of computer and office automation for entrepreneurs.
  • Training manual for lab technicians, Field veterinarians and farmers.
  • Laboratory manual for ANN 211 and laboratory manual for ANN 609


Extension activities:

  • Attended two live TV shows to answer the farmers questions
  • Attended ten farmers meets (kissan melas, rythu saddassulu, etc.,)
  • Attended radio programmes
  • Member of team research of IVLP villages
  • Conducted training programmes for farmers (RKVY) and Animal Husbandry officers


Member of selection committee

  • Acted as member of selection committee for selection of Assistant Professors for TANUVAS. Chennai
  • Acted as member of selection committee for selection of Assistant Professors for KVASU, Kerala
  • Acted as member of selection committee for selection of Assistant Professors for KVAFSU, Karnataka
  • Acted as examiner for conducting Viva-voce examination for MVSc & PhD students of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Orissa, and Maharashtra Universities
  • Acted as external examiner for evaluating the thesis of MVSc & PhD students of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Orissa, IVRI & Maharashtra Veterinary Universities
  • Set question papers for MVSc, PhD entrance examinations for Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Orissa, Kerala, Karnataka and Gujarat Veterinary Universities


Member of VCI inspection team

  • Acted as member of VCI inspection team for Himachal Pradesh Veterinary University, Palampur
  • Acted as Supervisor for All India pre Veterinary Test, at Bhopal
  • In VCI –Members—Acted as member of P.V. Narasimha Rao Telangana Veterinary University at Mamnoor, Warangal Disrict.


Co-chairman in conferences

  • Acted as co-chairman and rapporteur in conferences. Member of organizing committee for conferences


Administrative Experience

  • NSS student leader for 3 years during B.V.Sc & AH
  • Principal of Animal Husbandry Polytechnic College, Madakasira for one year
  • Warden, Boy’s Hostel and ladies hostel of College of Veterinary Science, Tirupati for four years
  • Technical officer to Vice-chancellor of Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University, Tirupati for two years
  • Academic advisor – UG and PG programmes. for four years
  • Head of the Department of Animal Nutrition for six years
  • Officer In-charge for student activities for one year
  • Hindi officer, Sports & games officer and Social Welfare officer at NIANP, Bangalore for five years
  • Associate Dean, NTR college of Veterinary Science, Gannavaram
  • Organized X Biennial Conference of Animal Nutrition Association as organizing Secretary