Livestock Farm Complex


Livestock Farm Complex

Livestock farm complex comprises of a dairy farm, sheep and goat farm, piggery unit, Rabbitry unit, poultry farm, azolla pits, silage demonstration units, hydroponics unit, fodder museum and fodder plots which plays a vital role in imparting practical training to the undergraduate students, assisting PG students in their research, involved in basic research and also cater to the needs of farmers by conducting training programmes on scientific management of livestock and providing technical support in the establishment of farms. Livestock farm complex is established in the year 2014.

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Dr.M.Kalyana Chakravarthy Associate Professor(LPM)

Contact info +91 9440528060 vetkalyan@gmailcom

Dr.P.Aruna Assistant Professor (Agronomy)

Contact info +91 9908041367

Dr.B.V.Sudhakar Assistant Professor

Contact info +91 9505955779

Dr.P.Panduranga Reddy M.V.Sc., Ph.D Assistant Professor

Contact info 9703028711

Specialization Livestock Farm Complex

E. Tirupathi Reddy M.V. Sc., Ph.D Assistant Professor

Contact info 9603137597

Specialization Livestock Farm Complex

Boddu Venkata Subramanyam M.V. Sc Assistant Professor

Contact info 9182788720

Specialization Livestock Farm Complex