Outreach and Services

Student are given seminars by the course teachers and are evaluated for assignments regularly. The above activity encourages students to better understand their topic and also to develop their communication skills to interact with farmers in the field. Weekly NSS programs are conducted involving students to maintain a clean and green campus. In addition students are involved in seasonal vaccination programmes organized by AH Department for important livestock diseases like FMD, Blue tongue disease, HS, ET etc. During these camps the students also involve in extension activities such as explaining the farmers and also distribution of pamphlets regarding good animal husbandry practices like prevention of mastitis, deworming schedule, poultry farming, rabbit farming, pig farming, balanced ration formulation etc. A mandatory Special NSS program is conducted for every batch for one week prior to their internship programme. During their internship the students receive hands on clinical training in Veterinary dispensaries, Veterinary polyclinics and animal farms. In addition students are trained for extracurricular activities including sports and games like cricket, volleyball in the college ground for maintaining physical fitness. Also special days like yoga day are celebrated with yoga sessions for the wellness of staff and students.