Sangam Dairy Processing Polytechnic, Vadlamudi, Guntur(DST)

Sri Dhulipalla Veeraiah Chowdary memorial trust was formed in the year 1994 in the memory of Late Sri Dhulipalla Veeraiah Chowdary, who contributed remarkable service for the growth and success of Sangam Dairy and fought for the upliftment of the rural milk producers. He is called and popularly known as “PALA VEERAIAH” as he was closely associated with milk producers and he was always proud to identify himself with Sangam Dairy.

He later elevated to the Chairman of APDDCF Ltd., Hyderabad. And he also held the post of Revenue Minister in the state cabinet of Dr.N.T.Ramarao. Sri Chowdary garu paved the way for the success of the Sangam Dairy and fought for the cause of Milk producers during his life time. With respect and to pay tributes to late Sri Dhulipalla Veeraiah Chowdary all the then milk producing farmers donated one day milk procurement for the formation of trust.

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