The following products are available for sale

Murrah Buffalo germplasm(Semen)

  • Under Frozen Semen Revolving Fund (FSRF) we have supplied high pedigreed murrah frozen semen doses to the needy farmers on cost basis under murrah breed development in Andhra Pradesh.
  • We are also supply to the high pedigreed murrah male calves to the farmers for Breeding purpose in open auction.
  • High yielding fodder varieties like Supernapier, CO-5, APBN-1 fodder slips available for sale to the farmers on cost basis round the year for fodder cultivation.
  • For dry land fodder cultivation Guinea fodder varieties like Juri, Colonial, Mombasa fodder slips also available to the farmers on cost basis.

Fodder slips

Concatenated Feed

We are preparing concentrated feed for sale of local farmers with locally available ingredients. The cost of concentrated feed Rs.21/- (Rupees Twenty One Only) per Kg.

  • Adult feed
  • Calf mixture

Sale of Fodder Slips: we sale the fodder slips to the needy farmers on cost basis to encourage the perinial fodder cultivation in the farmers fields.

Hybrid napier varieties
  • Super Napier
  • CO-5
  • APBN-1
  • CO-3
Guinea Varieties
  • Juri
  • Colonial
  • Mombasa
  • Mouna