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Livestock Research Station, Palamaner

The Livestock Research Station, Palamaner was started on 13.08.1954 (1954-55) by the Animal Husbandry Department, Govt. of A.P. with A specific objective of improving & reviving “Punganur” one of the world’s shortest breeds of cattle, native to Chittoor District. As this breed is noted for its short size, low maintenance and comparatively good milk yield. Later it was established as full fledged dairy farm vide GO Ms. No. 1532, dated 04.07.1963 of the Deputy Secretary, Govt. of A.P.

Then this Research station was transferred to the Andhra Pradesh Agricultural Universtty in the year 1967 from the Animal Husbandry Department.

Punganur breed of cattle

The station originally had Punganur breed of cattle. This breed was crossed with Kerry bulls imported from United Kingdom. These crossbreds performed extremely well and became popular among the farming community of this area, because of high milk yields, up to more than 2000 liters compared to about 500 liters of Punganur cattle per lactation. Later, the station was developed as Composite Livestock Farm to serve as a model demonstration unit and to supply superior breeding stock of Punganur cattle germplasm, Nellore sheep jodipi etc. Conservation of Punganur cattle is under progress to study breed characteristics, productive and reproductive performance.

  • “In-situ Conservation of Punganur Cattle” is in operation under non-plan scheme. Under National Agricultural Technology Project Conservation of Punganur germplasm has conserved 4000 doses of semen and sent to NBAGR, Karnal for ex-situ conservation.