Acheivements – Livestock Research Station, Lam Guntur

Achievements during 2017-18, LRS, LAM FARM, GUNTUR

  • Increased herd productivity. 45.58% of animals yielded>1000 lts. with lactation length of 266 days.
  • Reduced the Age at first calving (58 months in 2016-17 vs 51 months in 2017-18)
  • Increased supply of superior germplasm (Semen, embryo, fodder slips).
  • A total 78050 doses of semen was supplied to field through APLDA, JK trust etc. With a bare minimum of 40% excepted conception rate about 31220 superior offspring’s will be born. This way LRs, Lam Farm is largely contributing in translating the “ongole” demography in the field.
  • Successful application In-vitro embryo production technology (OPU-IVF).
  • Efficient use of available land to enhance the fodder out put such as micro irrigation, desilting of farm pond, perennial fodder production etc.
  • Established Hybrid Napier Bajra (Variety-Super Napier) Perennial Fodder in 7acres area.
  • Introduced and practicing Micro Irrigation methods for justified usage of the limited water sources available at farm pond.
  • Desilting activity was initiated, without any financial assistance from the university through public auction.
  • Supplied 30920 Fodder slips to the interested farmers.
  • Developed lawns to improve the aesthetic appearance of the station.
  • 50 acres of uncultivated land brought in to cultivation by providing chain-link mesh.