Ongoing Projects

Improvement of Ongole cattle by selective breeding

  • Non Plan:

    • Qualitative and quantitative production of brood stock of freshwater fishes.
    • Enhancement of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus production by Biofloc technology.
    • Experiments on Aquaponics with high value fish and horticultural varieties
    • Survey on diseases of commercial seed ponds.
  • ICAR:

    • Seed production of freshwater prawns ( rosenbergii) (FRS, Undi)
    • Seed production of Murrel (Channa striatus) (FRS, Undi)
    • Seed production of magur ( batrachus) (FRS, Palair)
  • Revolving Fund:

    • Production of Zero Point Sized Indian Major Carp Seeds through Rearing of Spawns