ICAR-AICRP on Pigs, SVVU,Tirupati


The All India Coordinated Research Project on Pigs, Tirupati was sanctioned on 1.10.1970 and started functioning from 20.03.1971 with the main objective of studying the performance of Large White Yorkshire pigs on production, reproduction and feed utilization efficiency under optimum managemental conditions initially.

First Phase

During the first phase from 1971 to 80 (IV and V Five year Plans) research was undertaken with the main objective of studying the performance of Large White Yorkshire pigs under optimum managemental conditions. The results of the study revealed that LWY breed could be successfully raised and multiplied under organized farm conditions with high prolificacy, faster growth rate and superior feed conversion efficiency and desired type of meat characteristics.

Second Phase

During the second phase from 1980-85, In view of direct economic importance of indigenous pigs to the rural people of India during the VI Five Year Plan research work was undertaken to study the performance of indigenous pigs under improved manage-mental conditions and genetic improvement through selection.

Third Phase

In the third phase During the VII Five Year Plan, research work was initiated on crossbreeding of indigenous pigs with boars of Large White Yorkshire to decide about the optimum level of exotic inheritance best suited to local conditions and is in progress. Since 1985-86 the performance of crossbreeds of 50% & 75% LWY produced by inter se mating was studied and continued up to 2008-09.However studies on the performance of 50% crossbreeds was discontinued from 2009-10 onwards.