Salient achievements of ICAR-AICRP on Pigs. SVVU,Tirupati during the year 2017-18

  • On the whole 62 farrowing s were occurred and 493 piglets were produced.
  • There were 41 animals slaughtered and slaughter parameters of I st crop of 22nd generation were studied.
  • LWY Crossbred pig Variety SVVU-T17 was released on the Hon’ble DDG (Animal Science) ICAR ,New Delhi.Dr.J.K.Jena.
  • One farmers training was conducted in the field on “economic rearing of crossbred pig”.at Dhamineedu village of Tirupati rural mandal on 28-3-2018.
  • Four PG and PhD students were pursuing their research in the project.
  • Civil works at a cost of 8.65 lakhs were undertaken for the maintenance of drainage channels, repairs to the farrowing sheds etc. they were nearing completion.
  • One loading and unloading ramp was constructed with the non-plan budget at a cost of 1.0 lakhs.
  • CCTV, Desk top computer and accessories were purchased with the equipment budget
  • Receipts: During the reporting period a total of 177 growers and 5 finishers for breeding purpose were sold to 13farmers and an amount of Rs.6,22,530/- was realized while an amount of 2,45,710/-through sale of 1345.5kgs of pork.