Department of Dairy Chemistry


B.Tech. (Dairy Technology) students are taught about the basic aspects of biochemistry followed by physicochemical properties of fluid milk. Later, the effect of processing steps on the physicochemical changes during the manufacture of various milk products is detailed. Students are also taught about the chemical quality and safety aspects of milk and milk products wherein they are exposed to various national and international food laws and Food Management Systems such as FSSA, CODEX, ISO-9000 series, ISO -22000, ISO – 14000 standards and adulteration of milk and milk products and their detection methods. Finally, a brief exposure is given to the various aspects of food chemistry involving different roles of biomolecules viz. food carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in foods manufacturer. The department also offers a course in research techniques to the M.Tech. Students.

  • Lecture room equipped with LCD projector
  • Laboratories – 2 (Equipped with Gerber’s centrifuge, Milk Analyzer, Water Activity Meter, Flame photometer, Kjeldahl protein digester and distillation system, Muffle furnace, Hot air oven, Refrigerated centrifuge, Water bath, Visible spectrophotometer, Polarimeter, pH meter, Dissolved oxygen analyzer, Water distillation unit, Viscometer)
Courses Offered
Course No. Title of the Course Credit Hours
UG Courses (As per the ICAR V Deans Committee)
DC 111 Physical Chemistry of Milk 3 (2+1)
DC 112 Biochemistry 2 (1+1)
DC 121 Chemistry of Milk 3 (2+1)
DC 221 Chemistry of Dairy Products 3 (2+1)
DC 222 Human Nutrition 2 (1+1)
DC 311 Chemical Quality Assurance 3 (2+1)
DC 321 Food Chemistry 3 (2+1)
Total 19(12+7)
PG Course
DCRT 524 Research Techniques 3(2+1)
Training Activities

The department regularly organizes training programmes on chemical testing of milk and milk products and methods on the detection of milk adulteration.