About Us

The College of Veterinary Science, Proddatur was started established in the year 2008 vide G.O.MS.No.247, Finance (SMPC) Dept, dated 20.08.2008 of Government of Andhra Pradesh.

This College is a constituent College of Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University, Tirupati offering by Five Years Degree course BVSc & AH (Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry) the Veterinary graduates serve the livestock in the field of animal husbandry and from 2016 year admitted batch onwards the duration of course is Five and half years.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has allotted land to an extent of Ac.83.42 cents for the construction of college and Farm complex. The University has provided funds for construction of new College building, Veterinary Clinical Complex, Livestock Farm Complex Unit, Boys & Girls Hostels Sports Complex, Gym Building, Indoor Stadium, Farmers Training Centre, Vehicles, Parking sheds etc. The College buildings have been constructed and the equipment procured, infrastructural facilities provided as per VCI norms which are mandatory since VCI Act is approved by Parliament of India.

The Veterinary Council of India, New Delhi has prescribed the regulations to meet the minimum standards of veterinary education degree course BVSc & AH. This College students’ strength started with an intake of 30 and increased to 75. The present students strength on rolls is 301 (boys=151 and girls=150).

The PG programme started in three departments (Veterinary Pathology, Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology and Livestock Production & Management) since 2015 and the curriculum is running as per the ICAR guidelines and first batch students from Depts. Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology and Veterinary Pathology have obtained their degrees.

At present 70 Faculty members in the cadres of Professors (7), Associate Professors (5) and Assistant Professors (36) and Contract Teachers (22), Medical Officer (1) are in position in various departments and the supporting staff Administrative Officer (1), Superintendent (1), Senior Assistants(3) , and outsourcing persons in office and departments, farms and contractual workers for security, hostel and mess.

Girls Hostel
Boys Hostel
Indoor Stadium
Farmers Training Centre

Completed and Ongoing projects, CVSc, Proddatur

S.No. Name of the Project Name of the Department Name of the PI Amount State Plan /Sponsored
1 Efficacy Evaluation of Herbal Anti-stressors in the management of different stressors in cattle TVCC Dr.S.Siva Jothi, Asst. Professor 93,600/- Sponsored by Ayurvet Ltd, Baddi
2 Efficacy Evaluation of Herbal Anti-diarrhoea products in treatment specific and nonspecific diarrhoea in calves Animal Nutrition Dr.P.Ramesh Babu, Asst. Professor 1,80,000/- Sponsored by Ayurvet Ltd, Baddi
3 Comparative efficacy of herbal anti stressor & liver products I ameliorating production stress and improving performance & immunity in layers Animal Nutrition Dr.P.Ramesh Babu, Asst. Professor 22,000/- Sponsored by Ayurvet Ltd, Baddi
4. Safety and efficacy study of Oxfendazole in cattle, Buffaloes, sheep and goats. Vety. Pharmacology & Toxicology Dr.G.Dilip Reddy, Asst. Professor 75,000/- Sponsored by Indian Immunological Ltd, Hyd..
5 Synthesis &  Evaluation of Psychogenic Nanoparticles to combat parasitic resistance Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology Dr.G.Dilip Reddy, Asst. Professor 1,15,000/- SVVU.
6 Study on comparative efficacy of certain mycotoxin binder products in experimentally induced combined mycotoxicosis in broilers Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology Dr.M.Alpha Raj, Asst. Professor 1,15,000/- Sponsored by Ayurvet Ltd, Baddi
7 Efficacy Evaluation of Mastilep gel and herbal spray (AV/AMS/15) in clinical / subclinical mastitis in bovines ILFC Dr.M.Kalyana Chakravarthi, Asst. Professor & Head, ILFC 20,000/- Sponsored by Ayurvet Ltd, Baddi
8 Management of cervico vaginal and uterine prolapse in Bovine with herbal spray formulation TVCC Dr.Y.Pridhvidhar Reddy, Asst. Professor 48,000/- Sponsored by Ayurvet Ltd, Baddi
9 Comparative efficacy evaluation of herbal comprehensive regimen for treatment of anestrus in buffaloes. VGO. Dr.K.Jyothi, Asst. Professor 64,040/- Sponsored by Ayurvet Ltd, Baddi
10 Molecular cloning and expression of pyruvate formate lyase gene of staphylococcus aureus associated with bovine mastitis Veterinary Biochemistry Dr.V.Manasa Asst. Professor 2,50,000/- SVVU
11 Cytogenetic screening of reproductive disorders in Cattle & Buffaloes AGB Dr.S.Vani, Asst. Professor 2,75,000/- SVVU
12 Cloning and characterization of Cysteine Proteinase hmep 5 GENE in Haemonchus Contortus Vety. Parasitology Dr.S.Siva Jothi, Asst. Professor 2,00,000/- SVVU
13 Development of DDGS Based feeding system replacing conventional protein supplement in straw based diet for economical fattening of Ram Lambs. Animal Nutrition Dr.P.Ramesh Babu, Asst. Professor 2,60,000/- SVVU
14 Evaluation of autologous platelet rich plasma for fracture healing in goats with special reference to biochemical markers of bone remodeling Surgery and Radiology Dr. J. Devaratnam, Asst. Professor 2,85,000/- SVVU

External funded Projects Proposals submitted by CVSc, Proddatur

S.No. Name of the Project Name of the Department Name of the PI Amount Agency
1 Development of Diagnostic Kit for detection of Trypanosoma Evansi in Bovine by using Universal Antigen Paraflagellar rod 2 gene Vety. Parasitology Dr.S.Sivajyothi, Asst. Professor 33,45,000/- D.S.T-SERB
2 Etiopathology and Molecular confirmation of Lamb mortality in A.P Vety. Pathology Dr.A.Anand Kumar, Associate Dean 58,00,000/- D.S.T-SERB

Student Activities

The students are excelling the fields of academics, sports, games, literary, and cultural activities at college, university state and national levels.

  1. Students have excelled in inter collegiate sports games and cultural meet in mono action, one act play, skit and group dance and bagged over all championship in cultural and literary activities.
  2. Student got Gold medal in shuttle badminton champion at national level.
  3. Students participated in NSS Youth camp at Rajamahendravaram and bagged award in essay writing competition.
  4. Five students participated in Women parliamentarian seminar at Amaravathi.
  5. Eight students selected for 17th All Inter Agricultural University youth Festival at Bikaner.
  6. Many students selected for Inter Agricultural University sports and games meet.
  7. Students are excelling in academics and awarded university Gold medal for achieving highest OGPA and also bagged Dr. C K Rao Endowment award for best outgoing student and this year Subhasree was awarded ‘Hariprasad Raju Memorial award’ ‘Satyam Rukmini Devi award’ ‘Dwaraka Chala Sreeramulu Reddy award by the university.
  8. Students participated in VIRBAC company sponsored quiz and reached up to zonal level and scored highest in South zone.
  9. Students got 1st prize in LPM quiz competitions in LPM Conference at Srinagar in the month of May-17.
  10. Students are attending conferences of various professional societies at National level and presenting papers (oral and poster) and also publishing papers in various journals of repute.
  11. Students are actively participating in mini projects under the guidance of staff members of various departments.
  12. Students started appearing GRE and other competitive examinations at national level. One student has got admission for MS (Texas A&M University) programme and motivated other students in the interaction meetings conducted in the college.
  13. Students have excelled in PG entrance examination-2017 and 4 students are among the top 10.

NSS Activities

The following NSS activities have been taken up carrying over every year in this College.

  1. World Veterinary Day.
  2. Anti Terrorism Day.
  3. Sadbhavana Day.
  4. NSS Day.
  5. NSS Special Animal Health Camp was conducted for seven day at various Mandals of Kadapa district. 10,000 animals were treated during this camp. The farmers were educated about the package of practices of Livestock and Poultry Management. Awareness was created about Hygiene, sanitation and adult education in the villages.
  6. International Non – Violence Day.
  7. Swachh Bharat oath was taken up and Clean and Green programme is a regular every week.
  8. National Voters Day.
  9. World Zoonoses Day.
  10. World yoga Day.
  11. National Sports Day.
  12. Meditation classes were arranged in the college and hostels.
  13. Digitization of transactions awareness.
  14. Awareness of Health tips for not consuming junk foods, anemia and its consequences
  15. Blood Donation Camp was organized in collaboration with Red Cross Society, Kadapa. Students and Teaching staff actively participated and donated blood in this camp. Estimation of Hemoglobin to girl students, teaching and non teaching staff and blood group determination for all 1 st yr students were carried out by Dept. of Veterinary Physiology.
  16. Students of this College used to donate old age and orphan home either in cash, required items or kind and give them moral support to these orphan people which is a regular practice on 1st January of every year.
  17. NSS Activity During 2016-17
    • B – Certificate – 14 (Now eligible for C)
    • C – Certificate – 16
  18. Hostels, Examination Halls and administrative building is under CC camera surveillance. 
  19. Biometric devices installed for daily attendance under various programmes IUMS, Vidyawan and Jnana Bhumi (Govt. of AP).
  20. Campus Declared Green Energy campus (Solar panels installed).

Computer centre of the department

  1. Teaching Computer Applications of AGB 111 for the first year B.V.Sc & A.H and UNIT – I for the first Professional year B.V.Sc & A.H students under VCI syllabus. 10 batches of students were taught till now. Students will have hands on practice on computers.
  2. Preparation of Class Assignments by the students for different courses