Outreach and Services

Department of Livestock Production Management

Outreach Activities :
  1. Advisory Member in Animal production related matters of TTD – S.V foundation for indigenous cattle, Palamaner
  2. Member of Health Advisory Committee of S.V. Zoological Park, Tirupati.
  3. RASS (Rastriya Seva Samiti)- STEP Project – Technical Member assisting Animal Husbandry related activities.
  4. Nominated as Member of “CONTINGENCY CELL” regarding disaster management for the state of A.P. under the operation of SVVU and ICAR – CRIDA.
  5. Preparation of Pasuvignana panchangam released in the year 2017.
  6. Acting as editor for the SVVU Official Journal, Journal of Animal Health Production and Technology
  7. The department staff act as subject matter specialists in training programmes conducted by Centre for Continuing Veterinary Education and AICRP on pigs existing in the campus every year
  8. Regular training programmes for farmers in modern methods of Dairy cattle management and production

Department of Livestock Production Technology

Training Programme : The Department avails high profile technical expertise in conducting training programmes to farmers, self help groups, small-scale entrepreneurs, public and suitable stakeholders in the field of:

  • Scientific slaughter procedures
  • Value-added milk and meat products
  • Food and Dairy Melas and Kisan Melas
  • Milk and Meat processing
  • Hygienic slaughter and further processing of food animals and birds

Department of Veterinary Biochemistry

  • The teaching staff are also actively involved in the processing and analyzing clinical samples received from the TVCC for the diagnosis of various metabolic diseases including kidney and liver function tests.
  • The teaching staff are attending Animal Husbandry Day on the first Saturday of the every month as per the schedule given by the Associate Dean.
  • Organization of method demonstration to introduce new skills and/or to improve the existing skills among livestock farmers on various aspects of livestock farming.
  • The staff are also actively involved and participated in NSS camps being organized in the college.

Department of Veterinary Veterinary Gynecology and Obstetrics

  • Department staff actively participates in fertility camps in rural areas and advise the farmers in the field of reproduction.
  • Department staff also extends technical help to the dairy farms located in and around Tirupati as and when required.
  • Dr. K. Mouli Krishna, Professor and HoD who is instrumental in standardizing “Non-manual removal of RFM” seriously involved in disseminating the same to field veterinarians and farmers.
  • The farmers from different villages are trained on the benefits of Clean milk production, hygienic practices during milk production chain in collaboration with NGOs like RASS.
  • Wholesome and Disease Free Meat Production
  • The butchers in and around Tirupati are being educated by the department about pre slaughter care, hygienic maintenance of meat shops and equipment, hygienic handling of carcasses of food animals which are very essential for wholesome and disease free (zoonoses) meat production.
Awareness Campaigns
  • During the outbreak of Anthrax in Chittoor district the staff of this department involved in conducting ante mortem and post mortem examination of food animals in the Municipal slaughterhouse, Tirupati till such time the confidence is instilled in the public regarding the wholesomeness and disease free meat production.
  • During the time of Avian Influenza outbreak in our country the department is pioneering in dispelling the myth about the occurrence of avian influenza in Andhra Pradesh and developed confidence among the poultry farmers and meat consumers. The impact of chemical residues such as pesticides and antibiotics in livestock products on human health was published in Telugu for the benefit of public.
  • Conducting ABST for clinical samples of mastitis cases regularly by the department sent by Clinical Complex.

Department of Veterinary Microbiology

  • The department of Veterinary Microbiology is actively involved in the diagnosis of infectious diseases and thereby serving the farmers of this region. The department is involved in the isolation and identification of bacterial agents. This helps in the confirmation of diagnosis and adopting controlling measures.
  • The department technical persons are attending outbreak of infectious diseases and prompt laboratory diagnosis is building confidence among farmers of this region. The staff has attended outbreaks in small ruminants and delivered prompt diagnosis in controlling the diseases like Anthrax, Pasteurellosis, Bluetongue etc. Besides this routine processing of clinical samples for isolation of agents, Antibiotic sensitivity tests are strengthening the college clinical complex to build confidence among all farmers of this region.
  • The department is well equipped and most of the equipments were procured as per VCI regulations. This is helping not only for hands on training to UG students also for diagnostic purposes. The department staff is constantly making efforts to develop the department in all aspects with the support of university authorities.
Details of training programmes organized for farmers:
S.No Date Name of the training programme Number of farmers attended
1 1-4-2015 Dairy cattle management 30
2 2-4-2015 Sheep and goat management 30
3 6-4-2015 Dairy cattle management 30
4 7-4-2015 Sheep and goat management 30
5 8-4-2015 Scientific rearing of pigs 30
6 9-4-2015 Dairy cattle management 30
7 10-4-2015 Fodder production and management 30
8 11-4-2015 Sheep and goat management 30
9 13-4-2015 Establishment of small dairy production as a cottage industry 30
10 16-4-2015 Sheep and goat management 30
11 17-4-2015 Ram lamb rearing 30
12 13-8-2015 Training to Big dairy farmers under Primary sector Mission at APCARL,Pulivendula 60
13 17-8-2015 Training to Big dairy farmers under Primary sector Mission at APCARL,Pulivendula 50
14 22-8-2015 Training to Big dairy farmers under Primary sector Mission at APCARL,Pulivendula 45
15 26-8-2015 Training to Big dairy farmers under Primary sector Mission at APCARL,Pulivendula 57
16 17-12-2015 Feeding management of Dairy cattle and buffaloes to farmers at VD,Thallamapuram 30
17 29-9-2016 Conservation and preservation of fodder crops at KVK,Utkur 25
18 23-2-2017 Ration balancing programme in dairy cows at KVK,Yagantipalli under farm innovation project 25
12 13-12-2017 Profitable sheep production 30
13 14-12-2017 Commercial layer farming 30

Department of Veterinary Pharmacology and toxicology

  • The faculty of department of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology is actively involved in attending outbreak of diseases of unknown origin. The staff has attended outbreaks in small and large animals and delivered prompt diagnosis in controlling the disease conditions like HCN poisoning, Pesticide poisoning and other Toxic plant poisoning etc.

Department of of Veterinary Poultry Science

  • Department had distributed 10,618 8-week old birds to BPL families.
  • Department had organized one-day training programme to rural women folk on backyard poultry farming.

Department of Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology

  • Given Radio talks.
  • Given Television programmes.
  • Attending Student NSS Camps.
  • Attending Animal husbandry clinical camps.
  • Interacting with farmers and creating awareness about zoonotic diseases especially during world veterinary day and world zoonoses day.
  • Research articles published by teaching staff – 52
  • Popular articles – 12
  • Papers presented in conferences – 10
Other Activities
  • A. Jagadeesh Babu and Dr. L. Venkateswara Rao prepared practical manual cum record for VPE 321 Veterinary Epidemiology and Zoonoses and VPE 511 Environment and Environmental Hygiene as per the new VCI syllabus, which were approved by Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University.
  • World Veterinary day and world Zoonoses day were conducted every year in the college along with department of T.V.C.C. at C.V.Sc, Proddatur.
  • Accompanying the Final year students during Internship Programme during slaughter house visit.

Department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology

  • All India Radio and television programmes are given to enlighten livestock farmers.
  • Attending Student NSS Camps.
  • Offering expertise in camps conducted by department of Animal husbandry.
  • Interacting farmers and creating awareness about surgical practices in animals.
  • Conducting training programmes for local veterinarians.
  • Research articles – 17
  • Clinical articles – 70
  • Popular articles – 20
  • Papers presented in conferences – 15
Other Activities
  • Attended to AH Day programme on every first Saturday conducted by local veterinarians from fourth February 2017 for six months.
  • Attended to NSS special camps conducted by College of Veterinary Science, Proddatur, along with internship students during the period of 10th to 16th August 2016 and 10th to 16th October 2017.