Veterinary Biochemistry


The Department of Veterinary Biochemistry at the College of Veterinary Science, Proddatur started in 2008. It has remained in the forefront of Teaching, Extension and Biochemical research in the SVVU. It has deservedly received recognition at various stages of its growth. The Molecular lab in the department was recognized as a center for P.G and Ph.D. research work. The staff of the Department are also actively involved in the screening and analyzing of the blood samples from the field. The quality and breadth of research in the Department has attracted bright students of this college and facilitated them to prove their research capability including thinking and first-hand skills in the Molecular research.

The faculty members have set high standards in their research work. Their investigations have always remained close to the problems of the farmers, yet they have kept up with the fast-changing developments in biochemistry. Their project proposals are with DST and DBT. The achievements of the faculty members have been recognized by a number of awards that include SVBBI and IMRF awards. The faculty has played a key role in forming SVBBI (Society of Veterinary Biochemistry and Biotechnology of India). The varied experience and expertise of the faculty members have been extensively used in a number of committees and also in the State level A.H programmes.

Training programmes are offered in the form of refresh course /workshops in clinical laboratory diagnosis with special techniques. Over 10 years, the department has grown in size and facilities to suit the changing trends. To achieve its goals, the department has received continuous support from SVVU. With the support of ICAR and SVVU, infrastructural facilities for Protein and DNA research work have been acquired. The support staff has been the backbone for maintaining the laboratories and the facilities.

List of Equipment available in the Department:
S.No Name of the Equipment suggested by VCI No. Already available with department No. Suggested by VCI New Regulations (2008)
1. Centrifuge 100RPM 2 2
2. Photo Electric Colorimeter 3 1
3. Spectrophotometer 2 1
4. Common Balance 2 2
5. Mono pan digital balance 2 1
6. Refrigerator 1 2
7. Students Microscope 8 1
8. Column Chromatography set 1 1
9. Glassware Adequate as per need
10. Refractometer 1 1
11. T.L.C 1 1
12. Hot air oven 1 1
13. Electrophoresis apparatus 3 1
14. Automatic blood analyzer Nil 1
15. PH Meter 4 1
16. PCR 1 1
17. Work table with sink water source 9 As per VCI adequate
18 Gel documentation 1 1
19. Densitometer 1 1
20. Flame Photometer 1 1
21. UV/Visible Spectrophotometer 1