Veterinary Extension


An efficient extension system is required to create awareness, educate and motivate animal farmers to adopt new technologies for enhanced productivity and better health care of their livestock. Traditionally, person-to-person contacts with individuals or group of farmers have been practiced to disseminate information despite the fact that the number of extension workers engaged in livestock sector remains woefully inadequate.

  1. Transfer of technology (TOT) to the farmers and allied sectors through modern extension service delivery system-Dr.S.Swetha kanthi-Co.PI
  1. Conducted one day training programme to WSHGs on Imparting entrepreneurial skills and managerial abilities and Marketing strategies and economics for entrepreneurial start up.
  2. Conducted one day training programme to unemployed youth on exploring business opportunities in Animal husbandry and allied sectors.
  3. Faculty of this department have been actively participating in various camps organised at adopted village, Sunnapurallapalle.
  4. Various surveys on fact-find solutions with students were conducted in adopted village in the month of June, 2017 and appropriate interpretations were drawn.
  5. Transect walk, PRA, wealth ranking, social maps, participatory mapping and modelling and matrix scoring were carried out with students as a part of field visit to Timmapuram village as a step to identify various constraints of livestock farmers in livestock production.
Course No Course Title Credits Semester
VAE-311 Principles and Techniques of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension 2+1 V
VAE-321 Livestock Economics, Marketing and Business Management 2+1 VI
VAE-511 Livestock Entrepreneurship 1+0 IX
  • Need analysis
  • Impact analysis
  • Human Resource Development
  • Transfer of technology
  • Adoption strategies
  • Educational technology
  • Development of Multimedia modules on various livestock production and management practices
  • Technology dissemination
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Awareness on latest technologies
  • Augmenting income through livestock
  • Farmers training
  • Field Veterinarians’, Para veterinarians and Gopalamitras training in part of continuing education
  • Advisory services through personal contacts, radio, television and print media.
  • Raising awareness on latest livestock issues to WSHGs and unemployed youth.
  • Video camera
  • Digital still camera
  • Multimedia recording room
  • Committee room/seminar halls
  • Excellent exhibits and scrolling boards
  • Vehicles for field visits
  • Smart class room
  • Interactive board with short throw projector
  • Touch screen information kiosk