Department of Veterinary Parasitology


College of Veterinary Science, Proddatur was established by the government of Andhra Pradesh in the year 2008 with the intake of 30 students. Department is equipped with necessary equipments, which are sufficient for routine UG practical classes as per VCI curriculum. Presently four faculty members viz; one Associate Professor, two Assistant Professors and one contract teaching faculty are serving in the Department.

Contractual persons-2 (Lab. Technician (1), Animal Attender(1))

As per new MSVE 2016 regulations:

Veterinary Parasitology (3+2= 5) Is Offered in Third Professional Year

  1. Unit- 1 (General Veterinary Parasitology)
  2. Unit-2 (Trematodes and Cestodes of Veterinary Importance)
  3. Unit-3 (Nematodes of Veterinary Importance)
  4. Unit-4 (Arthropods of Veterinary Importance)
  5. Unit-5 (Protozoa of Veterinary Importance)
  • Course wise lecture notes, powerpoint, gross specimens, microscopic slides and photo laminations on life cycle of different parasites were prepared.
  • Prepared Practical Manuals of Veterinary Parasitology courses as per syllabus.
  • Faculties of the Department are participating in various national and international workshops and conferences to strengthen the knowledge of pathobiology of parasites.
  • Our team parts in active role in diagnosing the clinical samples received from TVCSC and field veterinarians.
Staff members are actively involved in extension activities such as:
  • Animal health camps, NSS programmes, Rythu Chaitanya yatras and Kisan melas.
  • Live-in programmes (Pasu Vignan) of All India Radio and Doordarshan (Rythu Nestham)
Equipment availability (21.2.2018):
S.No. Equipment/ Facility Available in Department
1 Autoclave 1
2 Hot air oven 1
3 Refrigerator 1
4 Binocular microscope with high power Oil immersion with light attachment 4
5 Phase Contrast Microscope 1
6 Centrifuge 3
7 Eyepiece comparison 4
9 Slide cabinet 3
10 Slide Boxes 15
11 Desiccators 3
12 Total Counter 2
13 Dissection Set 5
14 Mc Master Slide 2
15 Micrometer Stage 2
16 Micrometer – Eyepiece 2
17 Museum racks 6
18 BOD Incubator 1
19 Hot plate 1
20 Magnetic stirrer 1