Department of Veterinary Pathology


Pathology courses were started in the year of 2009 in this college with one Assistant Professor. The then Professor & University Head, Dr. Ch. Srilatha, put efforts to establish the department of Veterinary Pathology to offer necessary courses to the II B.V.Sc. & AH students as per the VCI curriculum. Initially, due to lack of regular teaching faculties, the courses were taught by Professor and Univ. Head, Department of Veterinary Pathology, College of Veterinary Science, Tirupati. The theory and practical classes related to General Veterinary Pathology was dealt with appropriate teaching aids such as transparencies, histopathological slides and audio-visual aids. In the beginning, the students were taken to College of Veterinary Science Tirupati, for better practical exposure. Later, one regular staff member and one Teaching Assistant were posted and purchased the equipment as per the VCI specifications to meet basic requirements of UG program. The staff position was increased to Professor, Associate Professor and three assistant Professors in 2013.

During the year 2015, one Assistant Professor was transferred to Tirupati and One Contract Teaching Faculty was provided. Later in July 2016, one Assistant Professor was deputed for Ph.D. studies at Bangalore and in the month of August 2016, the Professor & Head was promoted as Associate Dean of this college and only two regular teaching staff remained (Professor & Associate Professor). Later three Contract Teaching Faculty were appointed and working till now.

The department is having the museum with specimens collected since 2009 and approximately 100 specimens are present and university has sanctioned the special budget during 2017 for establishing that as educational museum.

Activities of Department:

Regularly UG classes were taken as per the lecture outlines according to new curriculum or syllabus of VCI with appropriate and minimum teaching aids such as audio-visuals, charts, photographs, power point presentations of gross, histopathological lesions of various diseases, video aided demonstration of histopathological slides of different conditions. Apart from these, the students were assigned a slaughter house based study and collection of specimens for the development of museum. The students were taken to C.F.Sc., Muthkur for exposure towards fish management that is to fulfil the requirement of VPP-322 Course.

During Academic Year 2015-16, the PG programme was started and received M.V.Sc., degree in 2018 and presently two students each in I &II Year M.V.Sc. are pursuing their studies in the department.

Courses offered in the department
S. No Course No Title of the course Credit Hours
VCI MSVE Regulations, 2016
1. 2nd Professional year Veterinary Pathology 4+2
I semester of the academic year
1. VPP 311 Special Veterinary Pathology 2+1
2. VLD 411 Veterinary  Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Diagnosis I 0+1
VMD 512 Zoo/ Wild animal breeding, management, nutrition and health care (1+1)

VMD 513 Pet animal breeding, management, nutrition care and health care (1+1) will be dealing in association with Department of Medicine

II Semester of the academic year
1. VPP 321 Avian Pathology 1+1
2. VPP 322 Aquatic Animal Diseases, Health care and Management 1+1
3. VLD 421 Veterinary  Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Diagnosis II 0+1
M.V.Sc. courses:
I Semester:
I M.V.Sc
Sl.No. Course No. Course title Credits
1. VPP 601 General pathology 2+1
2. VPP 602 Techniques in pathology 1+1
3. VPP 605 Necropsy procedures and interpretations-I 0+1
4. VPP 607 Systemic pathology 2+1
5. VPP 608 Pathology of infectious diseases of domestic animals 2+1
1. VPP 611 Pathology of laboratory animals, fish and wild animals 2+1
2. VPP 612 Veterolegal Pathology 1+0
3. VPP 691 Master’s seminar 1+0
4. VPP 699 Master’s research 0+8
II Semester:
I M.V.Sc
1. VPP 603 Animal oncology 1+1
2. VPP 604 Clinical pathology 1+2
3. VPP 606 Necropsy procedures and interpretations-II 0+1
4. VPP 609 Toxicopathology 2+1
5. VPP 610 Avian pathology 2+1
II M.V.Sc.
VPP 699 Master’s research 0+12

Since 2012, in the capacity of Chairman and the members of Advisory Committee the staff is guiding the PG and Ph.D. students allotted from other campuses of the University. Presently also guiding the PG students as chairman and members of the same department and other departments of Proddatur campus. M.V.Sc. student submitted thesis on carbendazim toxicity in male Japanese quails. Presently a students are working on Uterine and renal pathologies of sheep.


The staff are involved in college academic activities and participated in NSS activities like attending NSS camps, animal husbandry programmes, and also clean and green, old age home visiting during specific occasions. Attended as resource persons for radio and television talks, providing expertise suggestions to farmers regarding disease diagnosis and control measures and giving suggestions to the field veterinarians and other extension activities assigned by the administration time to time.


Since 2008, the staff supported the administration by occupying honorable positions like Officer in-charge Academic Matters (UG), Officer in-charge Academic Matters (PG), Additional warden, Girl’s hostel and acted as chairman and members of various committees at college level and still supporting. Also senior staff shouldering the responsibility as In charge (s) of other departments.

Academic activities:

Trainings/conferences/symposium/workshop attended:

Staff is regularly attending Long term and short term training programmes, conferences, symposium, workshops and refreshing the knowledge and presenting the abstracts in them and recently Dr. N. Sailaja attended one out of the four modules on international trainings on Molecular Pathology at Kerala. Staff attended every year the Annual Board examination question paper moderation duties and acted as external examiners and paper setters outside the university.