Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology


The department of Pharmacology and Toxicology was started during the academic year 2010-11 with a teaching assistant. Dr. M. Alpha Raj, Assistant Professor being transferred from College of Veterinary science, Tirupati joined the department in 2011. Later one more contract teacher joined the department. Subsequently Professor Dr. K. Adilaxmamma, who joined in 2012 along with Dr.K. V. Venkata Rao, Assistant Professor, headed the department. Later in 2013, Dr. Y. Muralidhar and Dr. G. Dilip Reddy joined as Assistant Professors. From August 2015 to July 2017, Dr. K. Bharavi served as Associate Professor / Professor & Head of the department. Currently, the department has one Assistant Professor, Dr. G. Dilip Reddy and one Assistant Professor (Contractual) Dr. G.Reddeppa Reddy. The department has a sanctioned strength of one Professor, two Associate Professors and three Assistant Professors.

The department is well equipped and most of the equipment were procured as per VCI regulations.The department has got infrastructure sufficient for PG research like quaternary gradient HPLC (UFLC) system with PDA, RI, and Fluorescence detectors; Four channel physiography with accessories; Spectrophotometer; Centrifuges; digital pH meter, ECG, etc. The PG programme was started in the department from the academic year 2015-16. Till now 6 MVSc students have utilized the facilities for their PG research in the department. Two students completed MVSc from the department (February 2019).

Teaching staff position as on February 2019
S.No. Name of the posts No. of posts sanctioned No.of posts in position No.of posts vacant Name of the person working in post
1 Professor 01 0 01
2 Associate professor 02 0 -2-
3 Assistant professor 03 02 -1- Dr. M. Alpha Raj – on EOLDr.G.Dilip Reddy

Contract Teaching Faculty, Dr. G.Redeppa Reddy

Details of the students completed MVSc in the Department
S.No. Name of the Student Month and Year of Completion Guide
1. Dr. M. Bharathi December 2017 Dr. K. Bharavi
2. Dr. G. Reddeppa Reddy November 2018 Dr. G. Dilip Reddy

B.V.Sc & A.H (As per MSVE 2008 Syllubus)

 VPT 311  VPT 321  VPT 411 VPT 421 VLD 421 Tracking Programme General & Systemic Pharmacology Autonomic & CNS Pharmacology   Veterinary ChemotherapyVeterinary ToxicologyVeterinary Clinical DiagnosisNeuro Sciences (2+1)(2+1)(2+0)(4+1)(0+1)(0+2)


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