Departemnt of Surgery and Radiology


The Department of Surgery and Radiology started functioning from 04.10.2011.

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The Department of Surgery and Radiology started functioning from 04.10.2011.

The following teaching and non teaching staff are working in this department as on date

Teaching faculty

  1. Dr.S.Bharathi, M.V.Sc., Ph.D, Professor and Head
  2. Dr.J.Devarathnam, M.V.Sc., Assistant Professor
  3. Dr.N.Sumiran, M.V.Sc., Assistant Professor – on deputation for prosecution of PhD studies at PVNRTVU, Hyderabad.
  4. Dr.R.Mahesh, M.V.Sc., Assistant Professor

Non teaching (on outsourcing basis)

  1. V.Chinna Obulesu            Imaging Technician
  2. Y. Ravi Sekhar Babu Animal attendant
  3. B. Srinath Reddy Sweeper cum  attendant
  4. D.Venkataramana                               Animal attendant

The department is offering the undergraduate courses

1 VSR – 411 General Veterinary Surgery, Anesthesiology and Diagnostic imaging (2+2)
2 VSR – 421 Regional Veterinary Surgery (2+1)
3 VSR – 511 Veterinary Orthopedics and Lameness (1+1)
4 VMD -512 Zoo/Wild Animal Breeding, Nutrition, Management and Health Care (1+1)
5 VMD – 513 Pet Animal Breeding, Management, Nutrition and Health Care (1+1)
6 Tracking course Anaesthesiology   (0+2)
7 Tracking course Ophthalmology (0+2)


  • Conducting basic as well as clinical and field oriented research.
  • Conducting need based and innovative research which is useful to the farmers as well as to the profession
  • Expertise areas of research from this department at present include
  1. Veterinary Ophthalmology
  2. Surgical Oncology
  3. Orthopaedic Surgery
  4. Diagnostic imaging
  5. Biomaterials


  • All India Radio and television programmes are given to enlighten livestock farmers
  • Attending Student  NSS Camps
  • Offering expertise in camps conducted by department of Animal husbandry
  • Interacting farmers and creating awareness about surgical practices in animals
  • Conducting training programmes for local veterinarians


  • Research articles – 17
  • Clinical articles – 70
  • Popular articles – 20
  • Papers presented in conferences – 15

Equipment/facilities available in the department

  • Small animal operation theatre with hydraulic operation table and ceiling mounted shadowless lamps
  • Inhalant anaesthetic machine with isoflurane vaporizer for small animals
  • ECG machine
  • 500 mA X-ray machine with dark room facilities
  • Diagnostic ultrasound unit with colour Doppler
  • Vital parameter monitor
  • Large animal operation theatre with hydraulic operation table
  • Large animal inhalant anaesthetic machine with isoflurane and Sevoflurane vaporizers along with IPPV
  • Surgical diathermy unit
  • Endoscopy/ Gastroscopy/ Tracheobronchoscopy
  • C-Arm unit
  • Physiotherapy unit (Short wave diathermy unit, therapeutic ultrasound unit, muscle and nerve stimulators)
  • Indirect ophthalmoscope with Veterinary operating microscope
2 Faculty details with bio-data  – Enclosed separately
3 Department photographs and faculty photos with high resolution images (enclosed)
4 Last two years research projects done in the department:

Minor research project – Ongoing:

Evaluation of autologous platelet rich plasma for fracture healing in goats with special reference to biochemical markers of bone remodelling – Dr. JEevaratnam

PhD research – Ongoing :  Evaluation of effects of Lignocaine and Ropivacaine on proliferation, invasion and metastasis of canine mammary tumours – Dr. JEevaratnam

PG research


  1. Etiopathogenesis, diagnosis and management of extra ocular disease in ruminants.


  1. Comparative evaluation of carprofen and flunixin meglumine on peri and postoperative pain management in dogs.
  2. Evaluation of xylazine and dexmedetomidine as premedicant for propofol induction and isoflurane maintenance of general anaesthesia in goats.
  3. Autologous platelet rich plasma for operative wound healing in dogs.
5 Last two years seminar/workshops done in the department

Conducted training programme for field veterinarians during September 2017.

6 Last two years outreach and services

Attended to AH Day programme on every first Saturday conducted by local veterinarians from fourth February 2017 for six months.

Attended to NSS special camps conducted by College of Veterinary Science, Proddatur, along with internship students during the period of 10th to 16th August 2016 and 10th to 16th October 2017.