Livestock Farm Complex


The Department of Instruction Livestock Farm Complex started during 2009-2010 under VCI curriculum. All the livestock species were brought under one umbrella under the Department of LFC. The first HOD of the department was Dr. D. Srinivasa Rao. He was succeeded by Dr. A. Ravi, and the present Head of the Department is Dr. MVAN Suryanarayana.

Fodder unit is cultivating different fodder varieties in 12 acres of land. The fodder varieties cultivated are APBN-1, CO-2, CO-1, Super Napier along with fodder trees like Subabul and Glyricedia. The unit also distributing fodder slips to the farmers. The demonstration fodder plots was developed with Guinea grass, Anjan grass, Hedge Lucerne, Para Grass, Brazillian Napier, APBN and Stylo varieties for the purpose of UG, PG and PhD students as well as farmers.

  1. To impart practical knowledge and training to UG Students and farmers.
  2. To support PG and PhD research.

The poultry unit of Department of LFC is maintaining different poultry species under caged/deep litter system. The total numbers of birds are 465, with an average egg production of 297 per day, from layers, Desi, Ducks, Turkeys and G. Fowls.