Livestock Production Management


The Department of Livestock Production Management was started during the year 1998. M.V.Sc programme in the discipline of LPM was started during the year 1999-2000 and so far 17 candidates obtained their degrees. A Ph. D programme in the discipline of LPM was started during the year 2006 and 10 candidates obtained their degrees after formation of new department. The department has well equipped and well furnished class rooms, laboratories with all e-learning facilities. The department has a sanctioned strength of 1 Professor, 2 Associate Professor and 1 Assistant Professor.

Fodder unit is cultivating different fodder varieties in 12 acres of land. The fodder varieties cultivated are APBN-1, CO-2, CO-1, Super Napier along with fodder trees like Subabul and Glyricedia. The unit also distributing fodder slips to the farmers. The demonstration fodder plots was developed with Guinea grass, Anjan grass, Hedge Lucerne, Para Grass, Brazillian Napier, APBN and Stylo varieties for the purpose of UG, PG and PhD students as well as farmers.

E-Resources Developed
  • The department developed E learning Course on “Milk Production Management & Dairy Development for B. Tech (Dairy Technology Programme) for the first time in India under NIAP.