Department of Poultry Science


The Department of Poultry Science was established in the year 1965 in a plinth area 1132sq.m. As per VCI regulations this Department was clubbed in the Dept of LPM during the year 1999 and again on 5-9-2005 the poultry component was separated from LPM Department and offering P.G. and Ph.Dprogramme . The Poultry Department was maintained different species of poultry birds and during the year 2012 the farm component of the Department was merged in the LFC.

So far about 44 students got M.V.Sc degree and one student got Ph.D. degree in the Department of Poultry Science. This department is also offering entrepreneurial program apart of U.G programme.The students of this department has won in All India poultry show and Southern Regional poultry show in several times.

The staff members were involved in many training programmes as guest speaker and also enlightening the farmers on various managemental aspects of different species of poultry birds.

Further about 75 research papers were published in reputed journals by the staff members of this Department . In addition to this the staff members are involving in many extension programmes like NSS ,kisan mela etc.

The Department is handled a project under RKVY on Research on impact of backyard poultry on the livelihood and nutritional security of BPL families under rural scenario from 2014-15 to 2017-18. In addition to this , ICAR sanctioned a Poultry Seed Project at the Department of Poultry Science from the year 2017 -18 for three years i.e upto 2019-20 .

Present Head of the Department : Dr.S.Shakila., M.V.Sc., Ph.D.

P.G. and Ph.D research :

Research is being conducting in all the aspects of poultry production and so far most of the research conducted on utilization and nutritive value of various feed ingredients like bajra ,jowar, subabul leaf meal, foxtail millet, Avisa, ragi ,shea nut meal , prawn waste, cotton seed meal ,sunflower seed meal ,palm kernel meal and shrimp waste meal in different species of poultry

Images of Departmental actvities
Inaguration of PSP project on 1-2-2018 and distribution of vanaraja chicks to the farmers on 29-10-2018
Distribution of rajasri birds at vellalacheruvu village on 30-5-2015
Distribution of Rajasri birds on rythanna kosam program on 15-10-2015
Distribution of birds on Animal Husbandry day on 1-4-2017
Visit of Honorable .MLA Smt. Sugunamma at Kisan mela on 20-7-17
Department of Poultry science ,C.V.Sc, Tirupati.
Release of booklet on perati kolla pempakam on 30-5-15