Department of Veterinary Clinical Complex


The Department was started as Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex on 1-4-2008 as per VCI guidelines. Earlier functioning as City Veterinary Hospital under the control of Department of Veterinary Medicine from 11-9-1987 in the present premises located in the heart of the city. As per the MSVE 2016 guidelines, it was renamed as Veterinary Clinical Complex. Now it is the main centre for clinical training for undergraduates and postgraduate students of the college and it is also a referral centre for emergency cases from all Rayalseema districts of Andhra Pradesh. This department is one of the sources of income generation for the university as user charges for rendering clinical services by the department. This unit is also a prime extension unit catering to the needs of the public of the surrounding districts with regards to animal health.

The advanced diagnostic equipment available at VCC are Well equipped small animal operation theater, Electrocardiography, Echocardiography, Gastroscopy, Bronchoscopy, Colonoscopy, Laparoscopy, Abdominal Ultrasonography, X-ray unit, Vital signs monitor, Ophthalmoscope, Blood gas analyser, Semi-auto analyser, defibrillator in Small animal medicine and Large animal Electrocardiography, Large animal Echocardiography, Rumen examination kit, Danish Aqua-lift and cow cradle (lifting device) in Large animal sections. Recently university started a revolving fund for pet animal vaccination at nominal charges. Every year World Zoonoses Day is celebrated on 6th July by conducting awareness programme among public and free anti-rabies vaccination.

Teaching and Non-teaching Staff
S.No. Name of the Post No. of Posts sanctioned No. of Posts filled No. of Posts vacant
1 Professor 1 1 Nil
2 Associate Professor 1 1 Nil
3 Assistant Professor 6 2 4
4 Compounder 4 4 Nil
5 Record assistant 1 1 Nil
6 Lab Attenders 2 2 Nil
7 Animal attenders 3 2 1
  • Department of Veterinary Clinical Complex playing a vital role in catering the needs of livestock farmers and pet owners by diagnosis and treating various critical and routine clinical cases like medical, surgical and gynaecological problems. In addition providing laboratory services for disease diagnosis.
  • On an average daily a total of 100 cases are being treated at Veterinary Clinical Complex, Tirupati
  • Providing economical methods of diagnosis, treatment and control of animal diseases
  • Providing pet vaccination at nominal price to the pet owners through the revolving fund given by the SVVU
  • Educating the owners regarding good managemental and profitable dairy practices
  • Educating the pet owners regarding food safety and zoonotic diseases
  • Conducting Training programmes for field veterinarians under continuous veterinary education program.
Under Graduate Courses offered by the Department :
S.No Course No Course Title Credit Hours
1 VCP 411 Veterinary Clinical Practice I 0+5=5
2 VCP 421 Veterinary Clinical Practice II 0+5=5
3 VCP 511 Veterinary Clinical Practice III 0+5=5
4 VLD 411 Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosis I 0+1=1
5 VLD 421 Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosis II 0+1=1
6 TVC 421 Role of Veterinarian in Society 1+0=1
Research Projects handled by Dr. V.Vaikunta Rao, H.O.D. :
Sl. No. Year Name of the Project Principle Investigator/ Co.P.I Amount
(in Rs.)
1 2007 Clinic-pathology, sero-epidemiology and diagnosis of Leptospirosis in domesticated and domicilated animals and man CO.P.I 18.00 lakhs
2 2008 Etiologic and therapeutic aspects of refractory mastitis in cattle CO.P.I 3.877 lakhs
3 2008 – 2010 Clinico-therapeutic studies on downer cow syndrome Principle Investigator 5.77 lakhs
4 2018 on Hand (DST) Study on Diagnosis and Prognosis of Bacterial Respiratory Disease in Buffalo calves Principle Investigator 26.49 lakhs
National Seminars / State Level Trainings organized at V.C.C., College of Veterinary Science, Tirupati :
  • Two days National seminar on Emerging trends in canine cardiovascular medicine: Challenges and strategies on 29th and 30th September 2012 at CVSc, Titupati.
  • Recent concepts in diagnosis and therapy of sub clinical metabolic diseases in dairy cattle for 20 field veterinarians under APVC. As per Memo No.547/ Services. I/2012, dated.20.01.2012 of the Dean, Faculty of Veterinary Science, SVVU, Tirupati.
  • Three days Training programme for 20 field Veterinarians on Early and accurate diagnosis of Cardiac, Renal and Hepatobiliary Diseases in Companion Animals from 3rd to 5h January 2019 at College of Veterinary Science, Tirupati
Achievements of the Staff in the Department :
College Level University Level National Level International Level
-------- State Best Teacher Award from Andhra Pradesh State Government for Year 2016. Dr. V. Vaikunta Rao, Professor & Head was awarded Dr. P.K. Das Gold medal for contribution in small animal medicine from Indian Society of Veterinary Medicine for Year 2013. --------