• Each College has alumni association. Rs. 200 is collected from each student during the last semester of course as alumni fund which is used to strengthen the alumni activity
  • An alumni home was constructed at CVSc., Tirupati by collecting contributions from alumni of the college It contains 11 rooms that can provide accommodation to 24 alumni.  This facility is used by alumni when they visit the college by paying a nominal rent.
  • Dr. Pratap V Reddy Feed & Forage Analytical Laboratory at College of Veterinary Science, Tirupati  is under Construction (An alumnus of College of Veterinary Science, Tirupati, Dr.V. Prathap Reddy,  has donated Rs.200.00 lakhs for the laboratory and the civil work is under progress). He has also contributed Rs.10.0 lakhs for institution of Dr. Anjaneya Prasad life time achievement award to eminent animal nutritionist of India.  Dr. K. Pradhan, an eminent animal nutritionist received the first awar