Research Activities

Research activities are undertaken at Livestock and Fisheries Research stations and State Level Diagnostic Laboratory as per their approved technical programme. In addition Research is also conducted by the students as a part of their Post Graduate and Doctoral degree program. In teaching departments and in the research stations with specific mandate and objectives for providing situation specific solution to issues affecting livestock production in the State. The Faculty members will undertake research activity through the external funded projects. Research funded by ICAR, DBT, DST, RKVY etc.

The State Level Technical Programme (SLTP) meeting will be held every year in order to review the implementation of the technical programme of research stations and to finalize the technical programme for the subsequent year. The Principal Investigators of all externally funded research projects will present the progress of work done at their respective institutes.

The Research and Extension Advisory Council (REAC) is a statutory body of the University to identify researchable problems and issues faced by the farmers and livestock owners in the state for prioritization of research work. Progressive farmers and officials from line departments are members of the REAC who suggest inputs for formulating research programmes of the University.

Salient Research Achievements
  • Complete feed using crop residues.
  • Area specific mineral mixture.
  • Value added dairy and fish products.
  • Development of vaccine against Blue tongue and Foot rot diseases of sheep.
  • Development and large scale propagation of Rajasri birds for backyard poultry.
  • Standardized IGY technology for developing passive immunity.
  • Conservation of Punganur and Ongole breeds of cattle.
  • Technology was standardized for AI in sheep and pigs using liquid semen.
  • Established P3 facility to deal with high risk organisms. The State Level Disease Diagnostic laboratory is extending services to all over the state and is helpful in speedy diagnosis of diseases.
  • Standardized the methodologies for molecular diagnosis of Malignant catarrhal fever.
  • Conservation and of Punganur and Ongole cattle is a continuous activity of the University.
  • Developed and successfully tested a vapour absorption refrigeration system aided bulk milk cooler (500 lts).
  • Established a Fish post-harvest technology lab for hands on training on fish and fish products.
  • Standardized seed production of Bommidai for the first time in India excepting Assam.
  • Standardized pond culture methodology of M. Rosenbergii (Scampi).