Complete Feed: The University has installed complete feed plants at :

  • Tirupati
  • Proddutur
  • Gannavaram
  • Siddaramapuram
  • KV Palli
  • VR Gudem
  • Palamaner
  • Lam Farm
  • Mahanadi
  • Leptospira laboratory is helpful in studying epidemiology and control of Leptospyrosis in both animals and humans
  • Development of gas operated cold storages for preservation of animal and fish products
  • Isolated and characterized lytic bacteriophages against seven pathogens of mastitis and diarrhea
  • Standardized molecular diagnostic technique for detection of Jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus (JSRV)
  • Developed and successfully tested a vapour absorption refrigeration system aided bulk milk cooler (500 lts)
  • Developed a gas operated cold storage for preservation of animal and fish products
  • Developed probiotic enriched dairy products
  • Studies on supply of probiotic lactic acid culture in sachets is under progress.

Conservation of native breeds through in Situ and Ex Situ Conservation:

  • Standardized Embryo collection, freezing and its transfer in Ongole and Pungunur cattle
  • Nuclear transfer, cloning & production of embryos from prenatal follicles of sheep
  • Karyotyping various indigenous livestock breeds of AP
  • Molecular genetic characterization of livestock breeds of AP using various microsatellite markers

Sheep Diseases:

  • Developed inactivated vaccine using BTV 2,9,10 serotypes against Blue tongue disease of sheep and the technology was transferred to VBRI for mass vaccine production
  • Developed kits for monitoring vaccine response to enterotoxaemia vaccination
  • Developed vaccine against Footrot disease of sheep and the field trial is completed

Extension Activities

  • Undertake the extension of advances in science and technologies to the rural people of the State of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Continuing Education Programmes
  • conducts short and long term courses to train trainers, farmers
  • Brings out publications in vernacular language on new technologies and methods for the benefit of farmers.